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meet, ar eats.

The AR Platform that helps you and your team enhance the customer dining experience by allowing them to view their food and drinks in real-time, so they can order confidently.

Stop guessing.

No more dining complications.
Just ar eats it, then order it.

Who is ar eats? An End-to-End Augmented Reality Platform that takes out the guesswork in ordering food. We help restaurant owners increase their top line by eliminating customer insecurities like portions.

ar eats will help your customers...

See food & drinks before ordering

Avoid surprises with a transparent view of the menu

Be confident in their food choices

food models that look so real.

They'll have to order it.
ar eats is the future of food.

did you know?

You can boost your restaurant sales with our 3D and AR eCommerce solutions.

$18 bil

The AR market is projected to be worth over $18 billion in 2023.


eCommerce consumers prefer shopping in AR.


Higher clickthrough rates.


Reduction in returns.


Online conversion rates double when customers can view their food in 3D.


Higher conversion rates for AR-enabled products.


Of consumers say they'll order from brands that offer 3D and AR shopping experiences.

16-34 yrs

is the age group that Augmented Reality users fall into.

Sources: Statista, Insider Intelligence, CNET, Techjury

brands using AR...

enhance your dining experience.

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