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Stop guessing.
See your food.

Our Story

We started ar eats because as foodies, we get itfood is deep.

We believe in telling the truth and receiving it, especially when it comes to what our food is going to look like.

The dining experience is all-encompassing. We celebrate everything from life and new milestones to just wanting to try the new taco spot up the street. The one thing that connects it all is – our food– and we don’t want it to disappoint.

Here’s where ar eats comes in, the all-in-one solution designed to help take the guesswork out of the dining experience. Now, instead of agonizing over what your food will really look like, you can just ar eats it, then order it.

Be ahead of the trend and ditch the paper menus — eats is the future of dining.


Our Mission

To be the food industry’s gateway into the 3D world and beyond.


Our Vision

To create the most interactive dining experiences ever seen and used.

more about our service.

ar eats is a live, in-your-face AR experience that will help eliminate the uncertainty involved with ordering food such as portion sizes and the overall look of the dish.


By allowing you to know exactly what you're getting before you order. We elevate the dining experience by allowing you to see your food in projected 3D augmented reality right in front of you through your mobile devices.

The best Part?

We make sure that our models are as life-like as possible, adding a modernized and immersive user experience that will leave your mouth watering.

enhance your dining experience.

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